How it works

Verify as Influencer

To become Fingers' influencer, you need to follow these 2 steps:

  • Have a minimum of 5K followers

  • Verify your social media account e.g. Instagram

It's as simple as that!

Join Campaigns

As Fingers' influencer, you can start participating in campaigns posted in Fingers' campaign page.

You can apply to campaigns directly (for public campaigns) or you might be invited by branchds through private campaign invitations.

Create a nice profile and start getting jobs!


Verify & Join as Influencer


Apply for campaigns, wait for brand's acceptance or accept brand's invitation (for private campaigns)


Understand the campaign brief. Make sure campaign criteria listed by brand has been fulfilled.


Submit sample post with relevant caption for brand's approval. Do not post on social platform until sample post has been approved.


Publish & Get Credit in your wallet!

After sample post has been approved, post exactly the same photo and caption as approved by brand in the specified social network mentioned in campaign (e.g. Instagram/Facebook).
Note: Sample post submitted and actual post on social network needs to be identical to avoid payment delay.

Copy the link of your post and submit the link to the 'Publication' step of your campaign status. Campaign fee will be credited into your Fingers Wallet (inside your profile setting). You can withdraw any amount from your wallet whenever you want. It may take a few days for the transfer to appear in your bank account.
Note: A transaction fee will be charged for each withdrawal.

Remarks: For all public campaign, a 10% campaign fee will be deducted upon campaign completion. No fee will be deducted if you are invited to campaign through private invitations by brands & only processing fee for Wallet withdrawal.

How it works

Create a campaign within your budget

Create campaign anytime, anywhere with Fingers App!

Set campaign fee suited to your budget and start getting applications from verified influencers with minimum 5K followers on their social media account.

Pay nothing until you approve

You don't need to pay anything upfront!

Accept the application of influencers whom you want to work with, pay only after a submitted post has been reviewed and accepted.

More than Ad Posting

Besides traditional sponsored post, you can create campaigns for basically anything that involves social influencers.

Campaigns can be for events/launching, free trial, photoshoot, reviews etc..

Relevant to All

Fingers is relevant to any brand that requires effective social marketing!

Brand owners, marketing agencies, event menagement, advertisers, restaurant ownders, travel agents and many more..


Join as Business Fill in business details and get verified. Craft your business progile for influencer/public to get to know your brand


Create Campaign Write a detailed description of your campaign expectations. Set your budget (per post). Clearly list the "To-Do" & "Not-To-Do" as criteria


Influencer Application Influencer to apply for campaign (public) or accept your invitation (private). Enlisted influencers will submit post for review and approval


Approval & Payment Make payment after approving post. Influencer will be notified of the approval & publish post on social media.


Rate & Review!

After publication, influencers will provide the link to their post at campaign "Publication" status. You will be notified of the link submission. Tapping on the link will bring you to the live posting. Campaign fee will be transferred to influencer's wallet at this stage. As feedback, please rate and write a review for our influencers.

Remarks: For private campaign invitation, 10% additional campaign fee will be charged upon payment. For public campaigns, no additional 10% fee will be charged but processing fee when proceed for payment.